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Hi there! My name is Felicia!

I am the owner and head cake designer of Crumbs Cake Studio! I'm a mom to one amazing little girl and have lived in Bethlehem, PA just about all my life! 


My cake journey

My love for baking started at a very early age! I remember as a child I was always in the kitchen ready to take on the role as my mom's "little assistant". Although I never pursued it in school, baking always held a big part of my heart. 


It wasn't until I had a daughter of my own that I got into the cake design scene. I started to make her birthday cakes and eventually took on the roll of the local "Cake Lady". However I knew I could take this passion of mine and turn it into something even bigger and better in my hometown. 

Opening the studio

So fast forward to December of 2021 and I finally opened the cake studio of my dreams! I'm truly honored to be able to create custom beauties for some of the biggest and most important events in my clients’ lives. I adore what I do and I can only hope that this shows in every cake that leaves my studio! 


I look forward to continuing to make buttercream dreams come true one cake at a time!

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